Guangzhou, China

XPENG is a start-up company founded by Xiaopeng He, former president of Alibaba Mobile Business Group. 4 years since its establishment, the company has received investment amounting to RMB 10 billion from internet companies and capital markets such as Alibaba, Foxconn, IDG Capital and Ucar Inc. (China’s largest car rental platform, which is invested by Hertz). It is estimated that the investment will exceed RMB 20 billion in 2019. XPENG currently has around 3,000 employees and is expected to reach 8,000 by the end of this year.

The first production car model G3 was released on 12th Dec 2018, 1,573 units of the G3 were snapped up within 24 hours of its debut, and there are now more than 10,000 orders. We will unveil at Auto Shanghai 2019 our new high-performance coupe, and we will introduce new cars every year.

XPENG Design Center is headquartered in Guangzhou (2-hour drive from Hong Kong). Now there are 50 designers in our design team and we are planning to hire 20 more in 2019. As a young vehicle brand, we hope that we are able to create new possibilities with the brand positioning focusing on “energy, technology and smart”.

We respect designers and their freedom in design is guaranteed. The company has plans for development for several new platform models in the future, with more projects and opportunities. Designers who have passion, courage to embrace challenges and changes are always welcome to join us to create different vehicle brands.

Positions available:

Senior Interior Designer

Job Description:

  1. Understanding the role of product manager and customer needs, user experience research and development
  2. Involved in whole design process, from sketching to A class surfacing
  3. Skilled in mass production development for new models, and having strong industrial design engineering knowledge


  1. Deep understanding of user needs in different scenarios so as to be able to improve user experience
  2. 2.5+ years automotive design experience, with experience of conducting one or more complete production projects
  3. Professional level design sketching and rendering
  4. Smooth communication with clay modelers and CAS modelers or other departments
  5. Ability to use ALIAS to turn designs into 3D images
  6. Fluent English communication skill, with knowledge of automotive technical terms

Senior CMF Designer

Job Description:

  1. Analyze color and material design trends for interior and exterior finish and apply to relevant designs
  2. Participate in design of color and materials for interior and exterior finish and whole vehicle components
  3. Solve general technical problems encountered in the color and materials development process
  4. Responsible for communication with suppliers during color and materials development process
  5. Define color and materials project management guidelines


  1. Bachelor degree or above, in industrial design or motor-related major preferred
  2. 5+ years of related work experience preferred
  3. Familiar with CMF design and development process of whole vehicle and components
  4. Familiar with color and materials production process constraints with ability to balance between design and constraints
  5. Keen sense of color and excellent vision for future trends
  6. Good team management, communication and coordination skills
  7. Fluent English

Interested candidates please apply with a detailed CV in Word format, and an up-to-date design portfolio in PPT or PDF (less than 10 MB) by email to [email protected][email protected].

Please visit our official website  or our LinkedIn  for more information.